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Premier Horse Transport of California

Welcome to Premier Horse Transport of California!


About Us

Premier Horse Transport has been providing first class horse transport service throughout the southwestern and central states of the USA in the past eight years. We are licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. We are bonded and fully insured. The majority of business we receive is generated by our past performance and from referrals by our satisfied customers. With its undisputed reputation and by the safe and efficient service it provides, Premier Horse Transport is on track to become one of the leading horse transportation companies in the states it serves.

Premier Horse Transport is a family owned & operated company with an old-fashioned sense of pride and work ethics. We are licensed by the DOT and other Transportaton Authorities and insured.  Besides transporting, we have been in the business of breeding, raising and production of race Quarter Horses for as long as 15 years.  We got the idea to start transporting based on our own experience.  We realized how extremely difficult it is to find professional and reliable transporters.  We seek to change that by making our services available to you.

We believe that you and your horse deserve the finest horse hauling and transportation services any company could offer.  We are committed to provide you that.  Our goal not just to meet your expectation, rather we want to exceed it.  We want you to become our loyal customer.  Please accept our advanced gratitude for giving us this opportunity.  

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