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Premier Horse Transport of California

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Frequently Asked Questions

Policies and Information About Our Services

What Do You Mean By These Terms?

Reserved Stall

When we receive your Reservation and the Initial Deposit, we will guarantee a stall for your horse on a scheduled trip.  We do not "bump" reserved stall shipments. If you failed to allow us to perform, no deposit will be returned.


Our service process is to give notice to the pickup location at least 48 hours prior to our arrival  and to give you an estimated travel time for your horse. Most of the time, if the destination range is below 400 miles, we do same day pickup and delivery.


Fill-In (or standby) Basis

Similar to "standby" travel on an airline, it's when we have an open stall and are traveling the same route as your shipment.  We cannot guarantee pick-up, but will call the night before if there is space.  If you miss the trip you can reserve a stall on our next regular trip (Register your e-mail with us.   We will provide you with trips schedule) - or try fill-in again.  PLEASE NOTE: Fill-in/standby spaces are not assigned until right before shipping.

Special Delivery

Special delivery shipments are not on our regular routes.  These shipments are more expensive, but guarantee transportation - even to out-of-the-way locations.

Whole Rig Shipments

If you choose to "lease" the entire trailer for your horses the cost will be higher but your shipment will go from pickup to delivery with the only stops being driver rest, fueling and feed, water, and layover for your horses.

What Do I Need To Get Ready?
Vet Work

    • A Coggins test for EIA. Coggins tests are regulated by the state into which you are traveling.  They are valid for 6-12 months in most states.
    • A health certificate from your vet.  Health certificates are valid for 30 days.
    • All the appropriate immunizations, especially for young horses who might be more susceptible.


    • A brand inspection from the state brand inspector coming from the following states: AZ, CO, ID, MT. NV, NM, UT, WY and parts of NE, OR, and WA.  These take time to arrange with the state’s area brand inspectors, so start early on this one.
    • A bale of hay for each horse if shipping across states.
    • A bale of straw or sawdust or other bedding material if you are booking a larger box stall and your horse will be lying down.

What If I Have To Cancel?

  • The amount of the initial deposit would apply as a cancelation fee.
  • Less than 24 hours prior to the trip -50% of the shipment fee would apply.
  • There is no cancellation fee on fill-in.
  • Partial cancellations - the remaining trip will need to be re-quoted.

How Do I Book A Shipment?

    • Fill out our Online Reservation and send at least a 50% deposit of the quoted amount.
    • We will hold a stall on the trip you specify.  In the event that all the trailer is full for that trip we will reserve based on those who have their reservation and deposit in first. Please put as much information as you can for the drivers such as stable names and directions and alternative contact names.
    • No personal checks can be accepted at pickup or delivery.  Our drivers cannot deliver your horse if the delivery person does not have cash, or certified funds.

Soon, we will also accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

    • Fill-in requests - a money order or certified check is required for the 50% deposit. We will hold your funds until we know that you will be on the shipment. It can be applied to the next shipment or if you need to cancel we will refund the entire amount without any cancellation fee. PLEASE NOTE: fill-in spaces are more likely to get bumped in the summer.
    • Special shipments cannot be booked until we have at least 50% deposit in our office. In the event a special shipment is canceled less than 72 hours before a trip the cancellation fee will be 25% of the full shipping amount and if it is canceled less than 24 hours before a trip the cancellation fee will be 50% of the full shipping amount.

Any Other Charges?
The rate you are quoted is for door to door delivery and care of your horse...however; surcharges may apply for the following types of things:

    • Oversized stalls (1.5 sized stalls), if not in the original quote, are available for a surcharge - the amount depends on the shipment locations. Oversized stalls are recommended for mares with foals and foals or weanlings that need to lie down during the trip.
    • Tack charges range from $25 for a small tack trunk or saddle to $75-100 for very large heavy tack trunks. If not pre-scheduled, the decision to take tack is up to the driver.
    • A change of pickup or delivery location from that quoted in your quote letter may be subject to a surcharge after review by the quote desk.
    • Waiting time at a barn for the pick up or delivery person is $50 per hour. Time starts after the first 15 minutes of waiting;
    • Difficult access roads to locations will have a surcharge if not disclosed in the original quote - the surcharge will depend on the difficulty of the road and the additional time it takes to get to the location;
    • A hard loader fee applies of $50 per hour. Time starts after the first 15 minutes attempted to load.

How Does Insurance Work?

    • As with most shippers, we are not able to insure your horse for injury or other conditions since we are not his owners. We recommend that you obtain equine insurance.
    • If you wish to have full coverage including injury, you should check with an equine insurer prior to shipping your horse.
    • We will cover your horse for up to $2000 for mortality in the event of traffic accident. 

How Long Is A Quote Valid?

Quotes are valid for 48 hours.

What Do Your Trip Dates Mean?

    • The quote letter gives you a range of dates - these indicate the estimated pickup - not the pickup and delivery. We schedule a month in advance to give our customers approximate trip dates for planning, however, things happen to alter the exact the trip dates we give you are a window.
    • Trip dates can change as your shipment date gets closer, so please check with dispatch about three days before your trip to be certain of the schedule.
    • We will call the pickup person 48 hours before the actual pickup to let them know a more definite time frame, but please have vet work and certified funds ready on the earliest of the dates. We will only call the pickup or delivery person. If you wish to be called instead you must call the pickup or delivery person after we call you.

What If I Have Special Care Instructions Or History For My Horse?

    • We are happy to provide special care for your horse such as buting, special feed on the rig (though we generally advise only hay) shipping boots (provided by you) etc.
    • It is imperative that you provide specific written instructions of exactly what to watch for or what is to be done for your horse and sign the instructions. We cannot be responsible for leg wraps that might be too tight, for tail wraps that tend to come loose or any other adverse effects from special care your horse receives. As stated in the Letter of Authorization, we do have the authority to see that your horse is taken to a vet at your expense should an emergency arise.

What Happens On A Trip?

We hang buckets of water and feed hay to your horse throughout the trip and check on them every 3-5 hours. We also try to get the horses off the trailer once a day to stretch while we clean out, if the weather and a safe location are favorable. On long trips, we layover in horse motels.

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